sine qua non

noun: an essential condition; a thing that is absolutely necessary.

The more you workout, the stronger you become

Ne Plus Ultra

noun: the perfect example of its kind; the ultimate

The choicest picks in questions, far from the mundane.

Modus Operandi

noun: ways or methods of doing something

To practice or to test – choice is yours


Looking for Free Practice Questions

You are at the right place. GMAT, GRE & SAT Prep Questions.


Original, representative, high quality questions

These questions provide a snapshot of the pedagogy that we follow in our classes and in our online courses. We believe in breaking concepts tested in each question into digestible blocks that build intuition so that what you learn in solving one question could help you crack similar or even unconnected questions later. We believe getting the solution to a question is just one of the outcomes - but not the only one. We urge you to sample the questions and the explanations provided (with videos in many cases) to see the methodology for yourself.

Wizako's bank of free practice questions has been put together by a team that has scored the highest percentile possible in respective sections in different tests.

GMAT GRE SAT practice
GMAT GRE SAT practice

Be curious; have fun

All told, concepts tested in these tests are not tough

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Concepts tested, be it the GMAT® or the GRE® or the SAT® focus only on what you have learnt at high school level. We have witnessed students with average intelligence catapult to the high-90 percentiles if they prepare diligently, building from the basics.

So, get curious. Question everything. Have loads of fun when preparing with Wizako's questionbank and courses. Scroll down and enjoy the ride to a high score.

GMAT® Prep Questions

The entire quant section is divided into 10 congrous blocks. Verbal section includes critical reasoning and sentence correction. In addition, Data Sufficiency questions across different topics have been collated in a single page for those who want to focus on DS.

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GRE® Practice Questions

11 topics covering all concepts tested in the GRE® quant section. Comparison and MTOA questions across topics have been collated if you wish to focus on them. Verbal questions include sentence equivalence and text completion.

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SAT® Questionbank

We are rebuilding the question bank to closely reflect what is tested in the revised SAT. We will have an update in this block when we launch the updated question bank.

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Quant Practice Questions - Topicwise


Linear and quadratic equations. Solution to polynomials. Types of solution of linear equation and nature of roots of quadratic equations. Word problems.

Number Properties

Factors, LCM, HCF, remainders, factorials, exponents, and number systems. Also includes Sequences & Series - Arithmetic & Geometric Progression.


Inequalities in linear and quadratic expression. Absolute value, exponents and inequalities. Word problems in inequalities.

Set Theory

Union and intersection of 2 and 3 sets. Subsets, number of subsets. Representation of sets using Venn diagram. Disjoint sets and complement of a set.

Statistics & Average

Average (arithmetic mean), median, mode, range, and standard deviation. Geometric mean and Harmonic mean and the AM - GM - HM inequality.

Ratio, Percent, Fractions

Ratios, proportions, mixtures, fractions to percents and percents to fraction. Percent change, profit, discounts, simple & compound interest.

Rates - Work, Speed

Speed, distance, time, average speed, and relative speed. Work time and work wages questions. Many of these are classic word problems

Permutation & Probability

Repeated sampling with and without replacement. Sampling where order matters and where it does not matter. Ways of reordering. Discrete probability.


Lines, angles, polygons, regular polygons, and triangles. Similar and congruent triangles. Circles, quadrilaterals. Solids - volume, surface area.

Coordinate Geometry

Length of line segment, slope of line, collinearity, triangles, equation of lines, parallel and perpendicular lines. Equation of circles.

Data Interpretation

Tabular representation of data. Graphical representation of data - pie charts, line graph, area graph scatter diagram, bar and column graphs.

Diagnostic Tests

Separate diagnostic tests for the quant and verbal section for GMAT, GRE and SAT. Each of these tests help you gauge your current level of preparedness.

Verbal Practice Questions

Sentence Correction

GMAT & SAT: Sentence intent and syntax. English Grammar. Tenses, Modifiers, Parallel Construction, Idioms, Subject-Verb Agreement.

Critical Reasoning

GMAT: Evaluation of arguments and assumptions. Drawing inferences. Weaken, Strengthen arguments, resolve paradoxes.

Sentence Equivalence

Tested in the GRE®. To identify more than one word leading to synonymous sentence intent and meaning.