GRE Text Completion

GRE Verbal Practice Questions

About a fourth of the questions that appear in the GRE verbal section are text completion questions.

If you have difficulty in solving the question, go to the explanatory answer or the video explanations (wherever provided) to learn how to crack the question. Explanatory answers to all questions start with meanings for any difficult word in the list of words to help you figure out the answer when meanings are provided.

Directions: For each blank select one entry from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.

  1. Unlike the expatriates of yester years, who gave nothing back to their native lands, those today are making _____________ investments.

    1. more or less the same
    2. much smaller
    3. truly commendable
    4. mandatory
    5. obligatory
  2. While alcohol causes obvious and immediate changes in moods and behaviours, nicotine has ________ effects, but is equally deleterious to health over prolonged periods of time.

    1. more pronounced
    2. less harmful
    3. equal
    4. less conspicuous
    5. similar
  3. Addiction can be viewed as a continued involvement with a substance or activity despite the ____________ associated with it. The substance or activity may have originally provided pleasure and enjoyment. However, over a period of time ____________ the substance or activity is needed to feel normal.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2
    A negative consequences D continued involvement with
    B prohibitive costs E removal from
    C beneficial effects F partaking in
  4. Greek tragedy, from which Racine borrowed ____________, tended to assume that humanity was under the control of gods who were indifferent to its ____________, a theme that was therefore recurrent in Racine’s work.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2
    A in plenitude D sufferings and aspirations
    B very rarely E followers and devotees
    C only once F rites and rituals
  5. While it may appear ________ the related concept, 'theme', the term 'motif' differs somewhat in usage. Any number of narrative elements with symbolic import can be ________ motifs ________ they are images, structural or stylistic devices, or other elements such as sound, physical movement, or visual components in dramatic narratives.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2 S No. Blank 3
    A interchangeable with D determined by G because
    B identical to E classified as H whether or not
    C similar to F clubbed together as I although
  6. The corrupt politician ______ in his answers, but the scandal was brought to light when a/an _______ investigator discovered ________ in the accounts given by various witnesses.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2 S No. Blank 3
    A vilified D unscrupulous G imprudence
    B prevaricated E magnanimous H aberrations
    C castigated F astute I vacillations
  7. In an effort to _______ the orbits of planets in class, the Professor created a motorized replica of the solar system.

    1. confound
    2. expound
    3. exhort
    4. corroborate
    5. extenuate
  8. Nostalgia can distort the picture of reality by ________ events from one's past and by ________ more recent events.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2
    A eliciting D demoralizing
    B edifying E disparaging
    C exalting F ridiculing
  9. Like other great champions, Sampras has also experienced ____ in his career: He has had his moments of _____ and he has also suffered ____.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2 S No. Blank 3
    A vacillations D discord G tribulations
    B fickleness E euphoria H constraints
    C capriciousness F candidness I attenuation
  10. In an authoritarian dictatorship where free press is suppressed, even the slightest sign of _______ can be interpreted as __________ .

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2
    A revolution D defiance
    B dissent E obedience
    C conformity F sedition
  11. Because Istanbul lies in two continents – Asia and Europe, its culture is a fascinating _______ of both Asian and European cultures.

    1. aberration
    2. galvanization
    3. amalgam
    4. travesty
    5. juxtaposition
  12. Getting a private pilot's license is expensive affair in Europe, but this problem can be _______ if one obtains a license from certain south-east Asian countries where the cost of the license is much lesser.

    1. prevaricated
    2. excluded
    3. exacerbated
    4. circumvented
    5. averted
  13. When Richard saw the ________ conditions of the rooms and the ________ of the staff, he decided not to stay in the hotel.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2
    A dilapidated D reticence
    B deplorable E efficiency
    C indigent F ineptitude
  14. Considering its high level of juvenile delinquency and the large number of children dropping out of schools, it is surprising to note that the small mid-western town also has one of the highest number of _______ youngsters in the country.

    1. belligerent
    2. peremptory
    3. prolific
    4. prodigal
    5. precocious
  15. Ironically the same countries advocating government _________ , who criticized Greece for its ___________ public spending also sponsored the most ___________ display of wealth during public functions.

    S No. Blank 1 S No. Blank 2 S No. Blank 3
    A caution D unwarranted G ostentatious
    B austerity E disproportionate H unnecessary
    C restraint F extravagant I deliberate

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