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Concept: An uproar? What started it?

This is an interesting sentence equivalence question that elucidates the use of the word "Uproar" and what could have started it. Try the question without looking at the answer explanation. If you face difficulty in arriving at the correct answer, take help from the detailed explanation provided below.

Question: In order to stop the uproar on social media that was ______ by the politician's unpopular comment, his press agent had to issue a public apology.

  1. exacerbated
  2. precipitated
  3. precluded
  4. triggered
  5. prevaricated
  6. goaded

Explanatory Answer

Video explanation will be added soon.

Meanings for the words given in this question are provided in the table. Before going through the detailed explanation, check whether you are able to arrive at the answer after knowing meanings for the words.

S No. Word Meaning
1 Exacerbated made worse
2 Precipitated brought about with haste. Accelerated
3 Precluded prevented from happening
4 Tiggered caused something to happen
5 Prevaricated cheated, or dodged the truth
6 Goaded encouraged

Let us break down the sentence and understand it using simple words. The politician made an unpopular comment. The politician's press agent had to issue an apology. This means that the people who reacted to this comment on social media reacted negatively. Indeed, there was an “uproar”, as the sentence says. This “uproar” was caused by the politician's comment

The best answers are B and D.

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