GRE® Verbal Practice | Sentence Equivalence Q11

GRE Sample Questions | Words describing tone and manner of speech

This is an interesting sentence equivalence question that tests words that describe emotions, tone and manner of speech. Try the question without looking at the answer explanation. If you face difficulty in arriving at the correct answer, take help from the detailed explanation provided below.

Question 11: When the policeman ordered the suspects to line up, his ________ tone and manner suggested that he was totally in charge of the situation.

  1. taciturn
  2. imperious
  3. temperamental
  4. laconic
  5. mercurial
  6. peremptory

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Explanatory Answer

Meanings for the words given in this question are provided in the table. Before going through the detailed explanation, check whether you are able to arrive at the answer after knowing meanings for the words.

S No. Word Meaning
1 taciturn not speaking much
2 imperious commanding, dominating
3 temperamental changing quickly and dramatically
4 laconic not speaking much
5 mercurial subject to drastic and quick change
6 peremptory bossy and dominating

The policeman was totally in charge of the situation. How do we know that? Because his tone and manner indicates that he was in charge. His tone must have been commanding and dominating.

Choices B & F are the correct answers.

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