GRE® Verbal Practice | Sentence Equivalence Q5

Who is a recluse? Will a recluse court or avoid publicity?

This sentence equivalence question deals with the use of the word "Recluse" and words that would relate to the same. Use the detailed solution provided below to understand the thought process behind answering this question.

Question 5: Coetzee is known to be reclusive, and he __________ publicity to such an extent that he did not collect either of his two Booker Prizes in person.

  1. welcomes
  2. avoids
  3. courts
  4. shuns
  5. gathers
  6. tries

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Explanatory Answer

Meanings for the words given in this question are provided in the table. Before going through the detailed explanation, check whether you are able to arrive at the answer after knowing meanings for the words.

S No. Word Meaning
1 Welcomes Invites
2 Avoids To prevent or keep away from.
3 Courts To try to win the attention or goodwill of someone
4 Shuns To keep away from something. To avoid
5 Gathers Collects
6 Tries To experiment with

This is a simple sentence which presents a blank before the word “publicity”. Coetzee is known to be reclusive, and a reclusive person is solitary and keeps to himself/herself. How would such a person react to being in the spotlight? A shy person would not want to be in the spotlight. So, Coetzee shuns or avoids publicity. This rules out the words welcomes, courts, gathers and tries. This leaves us with options B and D. The Correct Answer is B and D.

Choices B & D are the correct answers.

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