GRE® Sentence Equivalence Practice

Concept: Words that complement Honesty.

This interesting sentence equivalence question tests the uses of the word "Honesty" and the ability to find out words that could closely go with the same.

Question: Fellow journalists Eric Sevareid, Ed Bliss and Alexander Kendrick considered Murrow one of journalism's greatest figures, noting his honesty and ___________ in delivering the news.

  1. integrity
  2. deceit
  3. credibility
  4. duplicity
  5. complacency
  6. disloyalty

Explanatory Answer

Video explanation will be added soon.

Meanings for the words given in this question are provided in the table. Before going through the detailed explanation, check whether you are able to arrive at the answer after knowing meanings for the words.

S No. Word Meaning
1 Integrity Adherence to moral or ethical principles
2 Deceit Cheating or tricking
3 Credibility Being worthy of belief or trust
4 Duplicity Cheating or tricking
5 Complacency Satisfied with a situation without being aware of dangers
6 Disloyalty Unfaithfulness

This is a relatively straightforward sentence in which the blank has to describe the journalist Murrow. We know what fellow journalists think of Murrow. They consider him one of journalism's greatest figures, who delivered news honestly. So what kind of word would fill the blank? A positive word or a negative one?

The word in the blank has to be of course a positive one. That rules out answer options D, B, E and F, leaving us with A and C.

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