GRE® Sentence Equivalence Practice

Concept: How use of "But" changes the meaning of the sentence.

This is an interesting GRE sentence equivalence question that highlights how the use of the word "But" helps decode the answer to the question. Try the question without looking at the answer explanation. If you face difficulty in arriving at the correct answer, take help from the detailed explanation provided below.

Question: Since the invention of computers, chips and processors have become smaller and simpler, but computer programs have become increasingly _________.

  1. anomalous
  2. efficient
  3. byzantine
  4. treacherous
  5. labyrinthine
  6. intransigent

Explanatory Answer

Video explanation will be added soon.

Meanings for the words given in this question are provided in the table. Before going through the detailed explanation, check whether you are able to arrive at the answer after knowing meanings for the words.

S No. Word Meaning
1 Anomalous Deviating from the norm.
2 Efficient Competent and capable. Wasting little resources.
3 Byzantine Complex
4 Treacherous Unsafe and difficult
5 Labyrinthine Complex
6 Intransigent Uncompromising and adamant

This is an easy sentence because the word “but” draws out a simple contrast between the evolution of hardware and software. “But” implies an opposing relationship between the two parts of the sentence, so while hardware has become smaller and simpler, computer programs have gone in the opposing direction – they have become larger and more unwieldy. Answer options C and E fit the best.

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