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Sample GRE practice questions from statistics & averages is given below. Attempt these questions and check whether you have got the correct answer. If you face difficulty with arriving at the answer to any question, go to the explanatory answer or the video explanations (provided for all questions) to learn how to crack the GRE sample question in this question bank.

Ideally, you should start by watching these two GRE Math lesson videos in Statistics and Averages to help you get better traction when solving the questions given below.

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  1. The maximum mark in an examination is 100 and the minimum is 0. The average mark of seven students such that no two of them have scored the same marks is 88. If the median score is 92 and all the marks are integers, what is the maximum possible difference between the highest and the least mark obtained by these seven students?

    1. 11
    2. 46
    3. 99
    4. 54
    5. 100
    Choice D
    Approach to solve this Medium Difficulty Mean, Median, and Range Question

    Step 1: Key to solving this question - the difference is maximized when the highest mark is maximized and the lowest mark is minimized.
    Step 2: Maximizing the highest mark is easy. Complete that step
    Step 3: Compute the sum of marks of all 7 students using information about the average marks of the 7 students.
    Step 4: Key constraint - the median is 92. Therefore, marks of 3 students will be lesser than 92 and marks of 3 students will be more than 92.
    Step 5: The lowest mark is minimized when the remaining marks are all maximized. Complete this step keeping constraint mentioned in step 4.
    Step 6: Plug in the maximum values of all the marks other than the median and the lowest mark in sum of marks equation to compute the minimum value of the lowest marks.
    Step 7: The difference between the maximum value of the highest mark and the minimum value of the lowest mark is the answer to this question.

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