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This webpage contains GRE sample questions from Percentages, Fractions, Decimal fractions, Profit & Loss, Discounts and Simple & Compound interest. Concepts tested in GRE Quant include questions equating percentage of a quantity to its value, percentage increase in value, percentage decrease in value, questions with data only in terms of percentage, computing cost price, selling price, percentage profit, percentage discount and profit or loss made, computing simple interest, compound interest, finding amount at the end of a period and computing amount invested at the beginning of a period.

Curated sample GRE questions from these topics are presented here below. Attempt these questions and check if you have got the correct answer. One can use the explanatory answer or Video explanation made available (wherever provided) to help crack important GRE quant questions.

  1. If the ratio of the ages of two friends A and B is 3 : 5 and that of B and C is 3 : 5 and the sum of the ages of all 3 friends is 147, how old is B?

    1. 15 Years
    2. 75 Years
    3. 49 Years
    4. 45 Years
    5. 27 Years
    Choice B
    Approach to solve this GRE Ratios sample question

    Step 1: Compute ratio of ages of A : B : C by equating numerical value of B in the ratios A : B and B : C
    Step 2: Equate sum of ages measured in terms of ratio to 147 to find the factor
    Step 3: Compute age of B

  2. In a certain year, California extracted \\frac{2}{7})th and Texas extracted \\frac{1}{7})th of all the Uranium ore extracted in the United States. If all the other states combined extracted 28 million tons that year, how many million tons did Texas extract that year?

    1. 12
    2. 7
    3. 14
    4. 5
    5. 8
    Choice B
    Approach to solve this GRE Fractions practice question

    Let 'U' be the total quantity of uranium extracted in the United States in the year.
    Step 1: Compute fraction extracted by California and Texas.
    Step 2: Compute fraction extracted by all the other states in terms of U and equate it to 28 mn to find U
    Step 3: Compute quantity extracted by Texas.

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