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Free GRE Multiple-choice Questions — More Than One Answer (MTOA) Questionbank

What are More Than One Answer Questions (MTOA) in the GRE General Test?

More Than One Answer Correct is a type of question that appears in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE general test. These are Multiple-choice Questions — and you Select One or More Answer Choices (SOMA).

The question may indicate the number of answer options that are correct or may ask you to mark all options that apply. In the second variant, you need to mark all the correct options and mark only the correct options. Else, you will not get credit for the question. In the second variant, only one of the answer options could be right.

What topics are tested as GRE Select One or More Answer Choices question type?

In the GRE general test, Select One or More Answer choices questions can appear from any of the 20 odd math topics tested in the GRE quant section. It could be from algebra, numbers, integers, number line, rates, ratio, percents, fraction, mixtures, simple and compound interest, permutation combination, probability, geometry, coordinate geometry, and set theory. Wizako's GRE question bank for MTOA questions come from many of the topics. The topic from which the question in the questionbank appeared is mentioned alongside the question.

  1. GRE Select One or More Choices in Permutation Combination

    For which of the following events will the number of outcomes exceed 50?
    Indicate all such events.

    1. The number of outcomes in which at least three heads appears in 6 consecutive tosses of a fair coin.
    2. The number of outcomes in which the sum of the digits that appear on the facing side is odd when a fair die rolled thrice.
    3. The number of outcomes in which the two cards drawn from a pack of well shuffled cards are both red and face cards.
    4. The number of outcomes in which the vowels appear together when the letters of the word 'PRIORITY' are reordered.
    5. The number of ways of posting 6 different letters in 2 different post boxes such that at least one letter is posted in each of the boxes.
    6. The number of ways of selecting at least one Indian and at least one American for a debate from a group comprising 3 Indians and 4 Americans and no one else.
    Choices B, D, E, and F
    Approach to solve this permutation combination Select One or More Answer Choices question

    Compute painstakingly the number of outcomes for each of the 6 answer options and include those answer options in which the number of outcomes exceeds 50. Make sure that you do not include any event for which the answer is 50.

  2. GRE Select One or More Choices in Geometry

    The area for which of the following will necessarily be more than 50 square units.
    Indicate all such expressions

    1. Circle whose circumference is 22 units
    2. Parallelogram whose adjacent sides measure 20 units and 10 units.
    3. Rhombus whose perimeter is 52 units.
    4. Rectangle whose perimeter is 50 units.
    5. Square whose perimeter is 32 units.
    6. Right triangle whose hypotenuse measures 17 units.
    Choice E
    Approach to solve this GRE Select One or More Answer Choices Question

    Compute the area of each of the six 2D shapes given and mark all those which have an area greater than 50 square units.

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