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Curated quant and verbal practice questions. Gratis!

GRE Quant Practice Questions - Topicwise


Linear and quadratic equations. Polynomials solutions. Solution types for linear equations and nature of roots for quadratic equations. Word problems.

Number Properties

Factors, Multiples, LCM, HCF, remainders, factorials, exponents, and number systems. Sequences & Series - Arithmetic & Geometric Progression.


Algebraic inequalities - linear and quadratic expression. Inequalties of products and quotients. Absolute values, exponents and number line.

Set Theory

Union and intersection of 2 and 3 sets. Universal set, subsets, number of subsets. Venn diagrams. Disjoint sets and complement of a set.

Statistics & Average

Average (arithmetic mean), weighted average, median, mode, range, variance and standard deviation. AM - GM - HM inequality.

Ratio, Percent, Fractions

Ratios, proportions, mixtures, fractions to percents and percents to fraction. Percent change, profit, discounts, simple & compound interest.

Rates - Work, Speed

Speed, distance, time, average speed, and relative speed. Work time and work wages questions. Word problems in rates.

Permutation & Probability

Repeated sampling. Tossing coins, rolling dice, cards, number sequences, reordering letters of a word. Discrete probability.


Lines, angles, polygons, triangles, circles, and quadrilaterals. Similar and congruent triangles. Solids - volume, surface area.

Coordinate Geometry

Length of line segment, slope of line, ratio in which a point divides a line, midpoint of a segment, collinearity, area of triangle, equation of lines and circles.

Data Interpretation

A part of the quantitative reasoning section, presents data in tabular form, and as graphs - pie charts, line graph, area graph scatter diagram, bar and column graphs..

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic test for the quant and the verbal section of the GRE. This test will help you gauge your current level of preparedness to plan your prep.

More than one answer (MTOA)

Multiple-choice questions that ask you to select one or more answer choices from a list. The question may or may not specify the number of correct choices.

Quantitative Comparison

Compare two quantities A and B and determine a relationship between which between the two is larger. They could both be equal or comparing them may not be possible.

Verbal Practice Questions

Sentence Equivalence

To identify more than one word leading to synonymous sentence intent and meaning. Prowess in basic vocabulary required.

Text Completion

Complete the sentences with one, two or three words, as required. Understanding meaning and tone.

Reading Comprehension

Passages, usually not exceeding 350 words from science & tech, business & economy, arts & literature and social sciences. Data driven and inference questions.